2018 Show Results

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DIVISION A - Flowers Addicott Electrics
  1st 2nd 3rd
1 Dahlia, any kind, 1 specimen bloom (not pompon) David Colwill John Williams Roy Halsey
2 Dahlias, vase of 3 blooms, different varieties (not pompons) John Williams    
3 Dahlias, 3 heads floating in a bowl of water Reg Pepperell John Williams Jean Knapman
4 Dahlias, vase of 3 decorative John Williams    
5 Dahlias, vase of 3 cactus and / or semi-cactus John Williams   Jean Bell
6 Dahlias, vase of 5 blooms, any kind John Williams Roy Halsey  
7 Rose, 1 specimen bloom, large flower (HT) Richard Wharton Roy Halsey Jean Knapman
8 Roses, vase of 3 blooms, large flower (HT)   Mrs S A Saggars  
9 Rose, 1 spray of Cluster-flower (floribunda) Mrs S A Saggars   Ruth Stoneham
10 "Les Martin Memorial Certificate" - Fuchsias, 4 heads on a board with stems in water (double flowering cultivar/s) Mrs Mu Britcliffe Roy Halsey  
11 Fuchsias, 4 heads on a board with stems in water (single flowering cultivar/s) Jean Knapman Mrs Mu Britcliffe Roy Halsey
12 Chrysanthemums, 5 stems Rosemary Wharton Richard Wharton  
13 Vase of Annuals, 5 stems, 2 varieties Linda Bond Janette Chaplin-Fisher  
14 Penstemons, vase of 3 stems Roy Halsey    
15 Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers (NOT Chrysanthemums) Linda Bond John Williams Janette Chaplin-Fisher
16 Top Vase Bob & Mavis Bailey Roy Halsey    
17 Hydrangeas, vase of 3 blooms Mrs S A Saggars John Williams Anna Martin
18 Shrubs, vase of 3 different kinds Nigel Edwards Jean Knapman Mrs S A Saggars
19 Gladiolus, 1 specimen spike Rosemary Wharton Reg Pepperell Janette Chaplin-Fisher
20 Vase of Perennials, 5 stems, any variety or varieties John Williams   Janette Chaplin-Fisher
21 A Cactus or Succulent in pot Helen Boyd Jean Bell  
22 Geranium/Pelargonium in pot Janette Chaplin-Fisher    
23 Bonsai exhibit Alan Fry Jean Bell  
24 Orchid, in pot Janet Greig Sheila Smirthwaite John Williams
25 House plant - foliage in pot Linda Bond Janette Chaplin-Fisher Nigel Edwards
26 House plant - flowering in pot Richard Wharton Janette Chaplin-Fisher John Williams
DIVISION A Show Trophy Winner John Williams
DIVISION B - Fruit and Vegetables Central Garage
  1st 2nd 3rd
27 Runner beans, 9 Reg Pepperell Charles Egarr  
28 Onions, 3, grown from seeds John Williams Charles Egarr  
29 Onions, 3, grown from sets John Jenner Roy Halsey Charles Egarr
30 Shallots, plate of 6, any kind John Jenner    
31 Potatoes, 3, round or oval Charles Egarr John Jenner John Williams
32 Beet, 3 of one variety Mrs Mal Worrall Charles Egarr Roy Halsey
33 Courgettes, 2 Dale Peplow Mrs S Irvine  
34 Tomatoes, 5, ordinary cultivars Mrs Mu Britcliffe Charles Egarr John Jenner
35 Tomatoes, 5, of small fruited cultivar Reg Pepperell Linda Bond Mrs S Irvine
36 Carrots, 3 of one variety John Williams John Jenner Charles Egarr
37 Herbs, fresh, culinary, 3, in water Rosemary Darby Janette Chaplin-Fisher Monica Sturgess
38 Any other vegetable, not enumerated above Linda Bond Charles Egarr Angela Peplow
39 Vegetables, collection of 5 different kinds, 1 specimen of each Roy Halsey Charles Egarr Reg Pepperell
40 Apples, cooking, 3 Helen Fox Roy Halsey  
41 Apples, dessert, 3 Rosemary Wharton Mrs Mal Worrall  
42 Plums, 3 Peter Greig Monica Sturgess  
43 Raspberries, 12, with stalks Rosemary Wharton    
44 Fruit, a plate of any kind not enumerated above Nigel Edwards Alan Fry Fran Edwards
45 Top Tray Bob & Mavis Bailey John Williams Roy Halsey Charles Egarr
DIVISION B Show Trophy Winner Charles Egarr
DIVISION C - Floral Art
  1st 2nd 3rd
46 'Windsor Wedding', an exhibit Val Roberts    
47 'Royal Baby', an exhibit Di Ewing Val Roberts  
48 'Fit for a Queen', a table arrangement for a wedding Val Roberts    
49 'Royal Garden', an exhibit, foliage only arrangement Mary Overill Val Roberts Di Ewing
50 'Corsage fit for a wedding' Jill Tuddenham    
51 'American Bride', Novice Class, an exhibit      
52 'Royal Tea Party', an arrangement in a cup and saucer, 16yrs and under Gracie Ainsworth    
DIVISION C Show Trophy Winner Val Roberts
DIVISION D - Domestic Bishopsteignton Women's Institute
  1st 2nd 3rd
53 Chutney Rosemary Darby Janette Chaplin-Fisher Tom Greig
54 Marmalade Janette Chaplin-Fisher David Colwill Janet Greig
55 Apple Tart with Lattice Top Janette Chaplin-Fisher Janet Greig Angela Peplow
56 Coffee and Walnut Cake Mrs Mu Britcliffe Caroline Thornton Janet Greig
57 Plaited Loaf of Bread Mark Fox Rosa Tibbetts Jossi Tibbetts
58 A Scotch Egg Janet Greig Di Ewing Janette Chaplin-Fisher
59 5 Cheese Straws - 16 years and under      
60 Meringues - 3 on a plate (Men only) Mark Fox Jon Tibbetts Tony Early
61 Savoury Pasty (Men only) Dominic Mulbey Mark Fox Stuart Ewing
DIVISION D Show Trophy Winner Janette Chaplin-Fisher
DIVISION E - Handicraft Bishopsteignton Surgery
  1st 2nd 3rd
62 Wrapped Shoe Box Rosemary Darby Sarah Cockerton Janet Greig
63 A Shopping Bag Pat O'Donnell Sarah Cockerton Mrs R Nevins
64 A Tea Cosy Sarah Cockerton Janet Greig Mrs R Nevins
65 A knitted or Crocheted Hot Water Bottle Cover Janet Greig Rosemary Darby Caroline Thornton
66 An Item, using up to 3 x A4 card / paper Mrs Chris Hunt Janet Greig Monica Sturgess
67 A Bookmark Mrs J L Dunford Helen Bristow Julie Cranwell
DIVISION E Show Trophy Winner Janet Greig
DIVISION F - Children's Nina Down
  1st 2nd 3rd
68 'Space' (Pre-school)      
  Age 2 Aysa Thomson Reef Broom Finley Wood
  Age 3 Billy Rice Charlie Foster Harry Percell
  Age 4 Dexter Wicks Finley Coombe Seth Zaleski
69 Cardboard Tubes and Plastic Lids (Age 4/5 years) Daniel Georgia Natalie
70 Cereal Boxes and Plastic Yoghurt Pots (Age 5-7 years) Gracie Ainsworth Esme Amber Burgess
71 School Recyclable Paper and Plastic Bags (Age 7-9 years) Iona B Thomas M Spencer C
72 Magazines and Plastic Straws (Age 9-11 years) Cody Carpenter Matilda Oscar
73 A Lego Model (Age 16 years and under) Cody Carpenter Finlay James Nathaniel Pike
DIVISION G - Photography Nigel Edwards
  1st 2nd 3rd
74 A 'Selfie' Meghan Plumb Jossi Tibbetts Helen Wavish
75 A Bishopsteignton Sunrise or Sunset Janet Greig Caroline Thornton Helen Wavish
76 A Photograph of a Flower(s) Janet Greig Helen Boyd Ruth Stoneham
  Plate of Home Grown Fruit
  A Victoria Sponge
  A Wicker Basket, with handle, of Home Grown Garden Flowers, arranged for effect
  An Item of Handicraft / Painting
SOCIETY CLASS Challenge Trophy Winner Bishopsteignton Garden Club