In the Garden


There's always something to do in the garden - especially if you have ambitions to show your produce at the next Village Show. Here Show Chairman Roy Halsey offers some advice on what jobs you can be getting on with - weather permitting of course!

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  • Scarify and give lawns a top-dressing
  • Regularly rake fallen leaves and wormcasts off lawns

In the flower garden:

  • Carry on picking and enjoying blooms of dahlias and outdoor chrysanthemums before the first of the frosts cut them down
  • It is not too late to plant daffodils and narcissus bulbs. I mix some fine aggregate to the bulb mixture, when planting in pots, to help drainage
  • Start planting tulip bulbs now for a display next April and May
  • Plant bulbs of prepared hyacinths for Christmas and New Year flowering
  • Move tender plants under cover for the winter
  • Keep some fleece handy to cover frost-tender plants if it gets cold

In the fruit and vegetable garden:

  • During the next few weeks pick the apples. Some varieties such as "Discovery" and "Sunrise" ripen in August and should have been harvested by now. Not all apples store well and are best picked and eaten direct from the tree. Only store healthy, undamaged fruit. Stack in trays in a cool frost-free shed or outhouse.
  • Tidy up the runners on the strawberry patch
  • Pick and dry herbs for use during the winter months. Sprigs of parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano and marjoram can be cut and hung in a warm, airy position to dry before storing in jars
  • In this area of Devon it's not too late to plant lettuce plants for picking in early November, if we do not get frosts before then.
  • Plant onion sets of the winter variety to harvest next May and June
  • If you like garlic then October is the time to plant cloves for next year