In the Garden


There's always something to do in the garden - especially if you have ambitions to show your produce at the next Village Show. Here Show Chairman Roy Halsey offers some advice on what jobs you can be getting on with - weather permitting of course!

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In the flower garden:

  • Dead-head your repeat flowering perennials, roses and bedding plants regularly
  • Liquid feed summer bedding with tomato fertilizer on a weekly basis and cut back hardy geraniums after flowering
  • Divide bearded iris after flowering
  • Take cuttings of dianthus and osteospermum
  • Plant autumn flowering crocus and colchicums
  • Keep picking sweet pea flowers and snip off faded blooms, do not let the seed pods grow
  • Peg down carnation stems to propagate new plants
  • Keep your pots of flowers watered - also water the clematis, roses, laurel and honeysuckle as the warm, dry weather favours powdery mildew on all these plants
  • Trim the hedges and prune wisteria and rambling roses as they finish flowering

In the fruit and vegetable garden:

  • Harvest your vegetables regularly, particularly courgettes, dwarf and runner beans
  • Ensure that fruit and vegetables are kept watered
  • Sow autumn and winter salads, also another row of carrots, beetroot and dwarf beans
  • Plant out leek plants that have been in the seed bed
  • Remove the main shoot on cordon tomatoes a leaf or two above the fourth truss
  • Summer fruiting varieties of raspberries, loganberry, tayberry and other cane fruits develop their berries on canes produced last year, so once the crop has finished all fruiting canes can be cut away at their base. The new canes that develop will carry the fruit next year