In the Garden


There's always something to do in the garden - especially if you have ambitions to show your produce at the next Village Show. Here Show Chairman Roy Halsey offers some advice on what jobs you can be getting on with - weather permitting of course!

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  • Mow the lawn regularly. Do not set the cutting blades low - about 3cm - and if a dry period is forecast let the grass grow longer.
  • Apply a lawn 'weed & feed' such as "Verdone"

In the flower garden:

  • Spring bulbs - sprinkle granular fertilizer around spring flowering bulbs or give a feed of "Phostrogen". Bulbs should be left in the ground and the foliage left to die back as these supply food back to the bulb for next year
  • Camellias - as the flowers fade or get spoilt by the weather take off the spent blooms taking care not to damage new shoots that are now emerging
  • Roses - if you haven't started to spray against 'black-spot' then start now. Do not wait until you see the spots on the foliage - it's then too late. Also feed your bushes once a month until August with either rose fertilizer or water around the bushes with "Phostrogen" and, when buds show colour, tomato fertilizer
  • Annuals - all the seeds of Annuals that have been sown over the past few weeks can now be potted on and hardened off ready to be planted at the end of the month. Keep an ear on the weather forecast for a late frost and keep the fleece handy to cover the plants if necessary
  • Hanging baskets and tubs - this month is the time for planting tubs and baskets. The larger the basket the easier it is to keep moist as the smaller baskets dry out quicker

In the fruit and vegetable garden:

  • Sow both dwarf and runner beans direct into the ground
  • Cauliflower, broccoli and leek seed can also be sown
  • As the new potatoes start to shoot through, earth up, covering the growth
  • When sowing seed in the garden, after making a shallow drill, water the ground before planting the seed then cover over.
  • As well as sowing vegetable seeds also sow a pot or two of herbs such as parsley, chives or coriander