In the Garden


There's always something to do in the garden - especially if you have ambitions to show your produce at the next Village Show. Here Show Chairman Roy Halsey offers some advice on what jobs you can be getting on with - weather permitting of course!

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Now the work in the garden really starts!

  • Prune shrubs and roses. With the early growth this year do not be afraid to cut or prune to the usual height. Growth on the roses will generally be 'blind' shoots as the frost will stop the flowering buds from forming
  • Start sowing seeds, especially if you have a sheltered spot to grow them, like a greenhouse, cold-frame or porch
  • Now is potato planting time so get the ground ready to plant your tubers
  • Wait until the end of the month before buying young plants from the nursery, unless of course you have a sheltered area to keep them - frosts are still likely
  • If you wish to brighten up your garden buy some trays of primulas and/or primroses and plant out as these will be hardy
  • Plant up some 10" pots with lily bulbs for colour during June and July
  • Down here in the South-west it's worth planting some runner bean seed in a seed tray for an early crop. Likewise sow a run of French bean seed for early produce. Be prepared to put some horticultural fleece around or over the plants if frost is forecast
  • Feed established shrubs and fruit trees with sulphate of potash
  • Cut back willow, dogwood and buddleia - also mahonia
  • Feed the daffodils with a general fertilizer such as phostrogen. Dead-head the old heads to stop them going to seed
  • Cut back the hydrangea bush. Take off and burn the old heads that have been left on from last year. do not forget the lower that you cut back the stems the larger the new heads will be - but fewer in number
  • Plant up your dahlia tubers and begonia corms to get new shoots - keep a look out for frosts
  • Slugs will start feeding on your plants this month so use some slug control before the new shoots of plants such as hostas appear. Start spraying roses with a black-spot control before it appears. Top-dress your rose beds at the end of the month